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Value Engineering

Our partnering approach to each project, allows for shared understanding of the strategic, financial and operational goals of the project from the outset. We evaluate each project on its own merit. Upfront involvement in the planning and design stage allows for the streamlined sequencing of the programme, whilst reducing input costs through value engineering of the design and programme.

We pay attention to all aspects of the project, adding value in terms of reduced costs, savings on life-cycle costs and improved constructability of the project.

Focus areas include:

  • Reduced cost through the reduction of total delivery time achieved with a logical sequencing of construction processes.
  • Identifying sources of value, either through the recommendation of more cost-effective alternatives to specified materials or the proposal of higher quality products which will maximise savings on life-cycle costs.
  • Early project involvement, that ensures an upfront understanding of the project scope of works and key deliverables which in turn promotes constructability and innovation.


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